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Friday, December 24, 2010


By Tessa1 Beck
Photos by Cavelle Somerset 

The night started with Karter Stonecutter. He was dressed appropriately in an awesome santa suit ready to deck the halls with sounds of music! His rendition of The Little Drummer Boy was sweet! He even broke out a little of Elvis's Blue Christmas...the atmoshphere in the club...festive to say the least! Each musician was given 30 minutes to sing as many Christmas songs as they could. Karter made the time fly by and before we knew it he was leaving the stage to make room for Taunter Goodnight!

The crowd was ready for some fun and Taunter delivered with her usual flair! She set the tone for her 30 minute set with songs full of mirth and the audience was delighted! Taunters voice was perfect for her version of I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and everyone was dancing in SL and I can just bet a good portion of the audience was chair dancing in RL too! It was an awesome half hour. She left us feeling all happy and welcomed AMFORTE Clarity to the stage!

AMFORTE was a big hit with the excited crowd! She regaled us with Christmas songs with her haunting twist. It was great to hear her sing Santa baby! She was chatting between songs about shopping and kids and everyone was sharing their stories about the holiday mall crawls! The set ended on a high note..Jingle Bells!!! We all clapped heartily as AM left and Porter Paquot climbed up on the stage in her lovely gown to entertain us.

Porter started her set off hot with her smoky voice, singing Merry Christmas Baby. Everyone mellowed out and held their loved ones tight as she crooned. She moved into some fun tunes as she cheerfully threatened everyone..Take a copy of the gift I made! Take it! We were all laughing along with her as she sang her own 12 Days of Christmas. It was just too funny! She finished off the set telling jokes and generally entertaining us as only Porter can. I was sad to see her go, but then...Buckley was up next!

That's Buckley Moonwall for those of you that don't know...and he was amazing tonight! The audience began to fill with some of the best musicians SL has to after another arrived for the festivities! The venue was rockin and the crowd was enjoying Buckleys low key personality and beautiful voice. Everyone was a comedian tonight...Buckley was singing songs he said he was "passing off" as Christmas songs...and we all pretended they were totally Christmasy! He sang some the most obscure and awesome holiday songs and we all had a blast! Buckley wished us all happy holidays and exited the stage as Max Kleene took his place.

Max crashed right off the bat but he continued on as the wonderful performer he is...singing a gorgeous version of Little Drummer Boy. Max and a few others knew a secret and we were so was torture waiting for the big moment when the secret would be revealed. When all was ready, Max began his song and Loegan asked the big question..."Porter, will you be my partner? The crowd erupted with shouts and well wishes for the happy was truly a special moment and we were all lucky to be a part of it! Max ended his set with congratulations to the happy couple and moved aside for kasbah fave Strum Diesel.

The general good feelings we all shared were kept in tact as Strum sang his heart out. He was giving us covers and orginals that really blew us away. I personally love Strums originals, they hit home for me and I am sure many others. The venue was chock full of friends all enjoying this incredible night full of fun, music and love. Strum ended his set with a beautiful, sweet Christmas song that brought tears to some...what a lovely performance. His heartfelt way of sharing his gift of music was the perfect seguay for the final performer of the night LizAday Solo.

The night was winding down...Liz gave us a fantastic performance....she was joined by Golden Xenno...and the banter was fun and entertaining! I think everyone was laughing when they sang the silliest was a great time! 10 PM came around way too soon...and Liz was on a roll...anxious to keep the night going. It was a perfect party...The best music possible...the sweetest moment shared between 2 very happy friends and a celebration of a wonderful holiday season. We at Kasbah would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The sims are turning white with snow, the holiday decorations are up, and everyone can see that It's that time of the year again - The 2nd annual Kasbah Christmas show! A special night of ALL HOLIDAY SONGS by your favorite SL Musicians!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today was the first ever Studio Genre Art Crawl! For those of you not aware, an art crawl is just like a bar crawl but without the liquor lol. We started at Lucky, the home of Strum Diesel. The lush greenery of the landscape coupled with the incredible music of Strum created the perfect beginning to an amazing three hours of live music and beautiful art. Strum is a true artist, writing songs that touch us all with emotions and thoughts from his soul. He spent 30 minutes entertaining us with his original music and always enjoyable banter. The crowd that gathered were enthusiastic to say the least! It was a treat to be among some of SL's premiere artists, musicians and art supporters.

The next stop on the art crawl was Van's Wild West Gallery featuring the music of SweetLilly Pinelli. Van is an interesting artist who does his paintings primarily on small pieces of glass. He has a vast array of paintings displayed here, ranging from the older style of western art to his unique perspective on the SL avatar. SweetLilly filled the gallery with the gentle sounds of her sometimes hauntingly but always beautiful voice. The guests traveled through the gallery to the rooftop stage, stopping along the way to enjoy the art covered walls. I think it was a perfect blend of music and art, giving us 30 minutes of relaxation and pleasure.

We traveled on to The Aries Gallery to take in some breathtaking paintings from the incredibly talented littleone Aries. Kelvinblue Oh was onstage and ready to take over the next 30 minutes of SL music. Littleone's art is a tribute to her surroundings, she paints what she sees from her studio windows and all the beauty of her island home. The studio quickly filled with visitors anxious to hear Kelvin rip into some of his trademark songs.The sharp contrast between Kelvins hard rocking blues and the romance of the art made this half hour pure fun with some awesome guitar and vibrant images that SL has to offer!

I took the tp to the next gallery and was immediately hit with the sounds of Amforte's smoky voice. She was giving herself to a song full of angst. It was a kind of weird feeling hearing her, the screen black during tp...and as the room came into focus there was another surprise, a stage befitting an art gallery...indescribable and red hues surrounding a small stage. Syl Darcy's Fine Art Gallery held so much to see and enjoy. I cammed down to the art below and really enjoyed the original works she is sharing with all of us. Such lovely landscapes and beautiful watercolors and even a gift for everyone under the christmas tree! Amforte sang songs ranging from the afore mentioned sad to the very happy, Felice Navidad! Her originals and covers were the perfect compliment to Syl's beautiful gallery.

Antenna Rae's Fine Arts Studio was the next gallery in the crawl. I had never been to her studio and I found out quickly that I had missed something wonderful. The paintings were exactly my style, soft, beautiful water colors washed over the canvas, each more beautiful than the next. These are the kinds of paintings you want surrounding you when you want to relax, have a glass of wine and listen to some good music. This is exactly what I did as I listened to Porter Paquot, an awesome SL vocalist with a powerful voice and the bubbliest personality ever to grace SL. The art crawlers spent the half hour perusing the paintings as they hummed along with our Miss Porter. The mood was definitely happy as we finished the half hour and moved on to the last gallery.

Kundemor Tamatzui Fine Artis a fabulous studio full of color and light. His vision of incorporating the kundiamor melon and the latin woman together in his unique way has been accomplished skillfully. The colors and textures creating a feeling of understanding, each painting more vivid and interesting than the last. While we took in the art gracing the walls of this elegant studio we were entertained by the beautiful sounds of Lawanda Andel. Her gorgeous music, all instrumental piano, added to the elegance of the scene. It was the perfect way to close the Studio Genre Art Crawl. I encourage each of you to stop by the various galleries, there really is something for everyone here. Share the Landmark with a friend. Art, music and friendship, who could ask for anything more.

Tessa1 Beck

Friday, December 10, 2010

STUDIO GENRE 1st ART CRAWL December 11 1pm-4pm


Music and Art!


The art crawl is pretty much like a bar crawl. You get a rowdy bunch of people who go from one bar to the next, usually walking and creating mayhem as they go. An art crawl is the same thing only people will be going from one gallery to the next.

The idea is to get people to roam around the sim, discover all the great art Studio Genre has to offer, and enjoy some great music in the process!

Dec 11, 2010

1:00pm SLT Gallery: Strum Diesel/ Musician Strum Diesel

1:30pm SLT Gallery: Van Caerendow / Musician SweetLilly

2:00pm SLT Gallery: Littleone Aries/ Musician Kelvinblue Oh

2:30pm SLT Gallery: Syl Darcy / Musician AMFORTE

3:00pm SLT Gallery: Antenna Rae/ Musician Porter Paquot

3:30pm SLT Gallery: Kundemor Tamtzui / Musician Lawanda Andel

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Welcome to the Kasbah Blog, and another installment of Tessa Chats. Today I had the good fortune of speaking with one of SL's most interesting artists. His name is Kundemor Tamatzui (Orlando Catro Ortiz), a wonderful painter from Puerto Rico. When Kundemor isn't painting he is hard at work at the Department of Education in Puerto Rico. He began drawing as a child and painted even before he began his Bachelor studies in the late 1970's. I was lucky enough to see some of his earliest works. His style has changed greatly from those early days, most of the paintings he did back then were done of the human figure, usually quite realistic, almost photographic. I was treated to a timeline of images ranging from oil based to pencil applications. It was very interesting to watch the progression from the realistic art he started with to the more abstract painting he does today. There is a story in each of his paintings, and the one I liked best was the inspiration he found in something most of us would find annoying. The coloring on his television went bad, making the color of the people he was trying to fix the television he realized how interesting the change in color made the people...and thus he began painting the human figure in unrealistic tones with wonderful results.

Kundemor also has an interesting story of how he came to be in SL. He received an e-mail from an SL resident who owned a museum inworld. It was a request to place 2 of Mr. Tamatzui's paintings in the museum. Kundemor had no idea what SL was, but he agreed anyway with the thought that any exposure was good. Once the images had been placed the museum owner sent photos for Kundemor to see. He was so impressed, he decided to investigate what SL was all about. He logged in and was immediately hit by the idea of how great the exposure of his art could be and quickly opened a gallery. He now has 4 such galleries including the one at Studio Genre.

I was given a tour of the Studio Genre Gallery as well as some very interesting conversation about the types of paints used (all oil now, but he has used acrylic in the past) and the implements like brushes and knives to create the desired effects. Kundemor's most recent works all center around the cundiamor or bitter mellon, a fruit that grows on his property.

Each painting shows the bitter mellon with the image of the female form somehow incorporated into it. In some of the paintings it is easy to see the human body shown in colors of orange and yellow, in others you have to really look and sometimes even imagine it. Kundemor's inspiration for this series is the idea that the Latin woman is very much like the cundiamor and he wanted to express that thought in every way possible. The paintings are vibrant and interesting. His other recent works are also full of vibrant colors and so beautiful, you almost wish you could reach out and touch the wet actually feel it.

Kundemor's art is shown in RL so the people of his country have the opportunity of being almost close enough to feel and experienceit first hand. His goal is to reach all the cities and towns of his country through his art. I asked Mr. Tamatzui what else might be coming up for him and he said that he has met someone from SL who resides in Japan and they are in talks about showing his paintings at the University of Japan. We talked about how wonderful it is to have a platform like SL to reach so many people from so many places and share not only art, but ideas and thoughts.

One of the ways Kundemor is reaching out to the SL community is by painting live on webcam. I was lucky enough to see one of these moments, beautiful music filled the gallery as I watched colorful images slowly appear. It was fascinating to see the progress from a blob of paint to a beautiful stroke on the canvas. This type of interaction is something Kundemor really enjoys and hopes to continue with in the future, along with perhaps a piano concert for which he has ample space.

After having seen many of the paintings in his gallery I was curious if he had a favorite. I know it is a difficult question, almost like asking a parent to choose which child is their favorite, but, Kundemor was thoughtful as he showed me a few of the ones he was particularly fond of. My personal favorite is a 3 dimensional painting, somewhat darker than the rest. I have included some images of my favorite as well as some he specifically pointed out to me. I really enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Kundemor and his paintings, they are beautiful and thought provoking. Please take a moment to stop by the gallery on your next visit to Studio Genre, I am sure you will find the paintings as interesting as I did. Thats all for now, until next time...Tessa1 Beck.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tessa Chat's With Strum Diesel

 Hi Kasbah friends and fans! It's time for another Chat with Tessa! This time I sat down with Strum Diesel to learn a little bit more about this awesome SL performer. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Strums shows, but I must admit it was fairly recently, so I didn't really know too much about him. I decided to start at the beginning and asked Strum how he got started in SL music. Strum said that a little over two years ago his RL friend, DJ Deere, aka as Fantasy2u Deere in SL, began mentioning Second Life to him. It was probably 6 months of DJ talking it up before he actually gave it a try. He had become burned out, performing way too often in RL for far too little appreciation, so he decided to take a break, lucky for us, he popped into SL! "I was really lucky, right off the bat I met  Valeria Paster and she helped me get set up to stream, I had a lot of help, met so many nice people at first...I started performing and never fact I think I went a little crazy, played too much...I actually sprained a tendon in my hand and had to stay off the guitar....thats how I began using the piano in my performances." I know I for one am really glad he did!
         Speaking of performances, I was curious about Strum's RL shows and how SL might have had an impact on how he approaches them now. He shared with me that when he first started in SL he really was burned out from the RL music scene, doing 4 hour gigs and really not feeling like he had been heard as a writer or an artist. The first thing he noticed in SL was how much more receptive the people are, how much more appreciated he felt as an artist and it really boosted his confidence. Now, when he performs in RL he says he thinks there is an overall improvement in his stage presence, a confidence he didn't have before. He went on to say, " Knowing people WANT to hear what I have to say has really fact, the first contest I entered in RL since joining SL I won!" I could feel the enthusiasm and appreciation for SL Strum has when he said, "It has really helped my writing, I feel like I am connecting with the people and it gives me more motivation! You can't beat the energy and many times a simple show turns out to be much more like a party!"

         The first time I attended one of Strum's "parties" I noticed his signature green know me, I had to ask about it! He was gracious enough to explain to me in detail how he enjoys changing the color of his hair in RL and that in SL the avatar is what we see as the perfect "us". He said green is the color his hair is now, and that it is his favorite color. He also believes in the power of colors and that green is known to bring fortune and good luck. Strum also said something I thought was so important in this day and age of computers and virtual worlds..."We need to stay connected to nature...we are heading into a virtual existence and it is vital that we keep in touch with the real world around us."

           I was really impressed with Strums views and it  brought me to thinking about some of his other views, more specifically, his political views. I had noticed that many of Strum's original songs have very strong political messages and I asked him if he used SL as a platform to get his messages out there. Without a moments pause he said "Yes, absolutely yes!" He explained how SL is full of people from everywhere and with his songs they can connect any song with a political quality comes from his own experiences. He quoted Ani Difranco..."the personal is political and the function of art is to comment on society" he said one of his goals is to maybe not give people answers to their questions, but to inspire them to search for those answers. "SL is a great tool to reach people and to learn about what is happening politically all over the world" It was refreshing to speak to someone so in touch with what he believes in and so willing to share those beliefs with the rest of us.

            With such a strong desire to share his message  I was curious what might be coming up next for this interesting and animated performer. "I am playing a little less, trying to get the next album underway. I already released an album earlier this the new album the songs are very connected SL and I want to capture the energy I feel from the audience" He also told me that there has been some talk about him going to Scotland, possibly late winter of next year...if that works out, he may even book more shows and possibly make it a tour of Europe. Strum can be seen most Saturday nights at the Kasbah! He is also doing the Fire and Ice show for Diabetes, taking place today from 3 to 9pm SL...a benefit being run by Mandy Ornamental at the Fire and Ice Club, all proceeds go to RL diabetes research, so be sure and catch him there if you are able!
            If you are a fan you know that the relationship between fans and SL performers is unique. I asked Strum his thoughts on his fans in SL and WOW he really opened up to how he feels about SL and his fans. He expressed to me how incredible it is to know that people come to listen to you because they like what you have to say, how you sound..."so many times in RL the people at the shows are friends, or friends of friends that feel obligated to SL, the people come not because they are your friends but because they WANT to hear you." He marveled at the generosity of his fans, even how he worries sometimes that they over indulge him. He raved about venue owners that will sometimes go over and above, turning the entire stage green, encouraging guests to wear much he appreciates those ways the fans connect with him.  We talked about how wonderful it is to be able to touch someone with your music, people you might never reach if it were not for the SL platform.

           Strum really has a strong connection to his fans and I felt he would be the perfect person to ask my favorite last question to..."Do you have anything you would like to say to your friends and fans before we close?" I felt the smile, the warmth as he said "I have said it so much and I will never be able to say it enough...thank you for hearing me, for understanding, connecting to me...for buying my records and my groceries and putting up with me when I am acting like a total rockstar LOL...I am so glad you are all along for the ride!" I don't think you can truly aprreciate those words without actually hearing them...the chat was lovely...I love my job! Thats all for now, until next time...Tessa1 Beck

Scruplz Live Music Event @ Kasbah

Hi all you lovers of live music! Tonight was an amazing night at The Kasbah! Scruplz sponsored 4 hours of live music to launch their new publication, The Scene. It is a directory listing active live musicians and live music venues across the grid with advertisements 100% focused on live music.  It will be a constant work in progress with improvements as times goes on making it more and more useful to the live music community in Second Life.  To celebrate this awesome new addition to Live music they put together a thrilling lineup! Guitar Zane opened the evening, launching into some of the best guitar playing I have heard in a long time! He did some really great covers from such greats as  3 Doors Down and my personal favorite, his cover of Heartless by Kanye West. He was really able to let loose and showcase his vocal abilities! Halfway through his set the place was packed and everyone enjoyed the originals he shared with us as well as the covers! Before we knew it, the hour was up and time for another awesome musician to take the stage...Maximillion Kleene, one of SL's shining stars, was ready to go, diving into his first song with the enthusiasm we have all come to expect. His set was filled with covers from some of our favorite bands and solo artists. There is little better in SL music than listening to Max, but as soon as that thought came to me...he upped the anty inviting Raspbury Rearwin to join him onstage for a bit of dual streaming! The two good friends performed together some really fun songs and through it all maintained a constant stream of amusing banter. They ended their set together with a dedication to me...playing one of my all time favorite songs, I Don't Want To Lose You Yet by Steve Earle. Max left the stage to huge applause, thanking everybody as he went. Raspbury continued on with his solo set never missing a beat. We were treated to some of his original songs and covers, all with the usual Raspy twist! Someone once said about Raspbury.."Yeah, he is fun, but when he whispers....there is nothing like it!" We got to hear a little of that whisper with his cover of Closer. All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Raspbury and hello to the final performer of the evening...CraigLyons Writer. Craig was new to the Kasbah stage and he was welcomed in the usual Kasbah style. He had live video running so we could watch as he performed some really wonderful covers and great originals! Craigs audience comes equipped with loads of fun gestures including the stomp stomp clap, one of my favorites. It was nice to hear that Craig still donates a portion of his tips to Global Green and he even showed a short video featuring Global Green during his set. His last song was one of my favorites and he played it for one of his group members, a special version of a John Lennon song, Across the Universe. Craig does that song to perfection and the crowd went wild. There were fireworks and lots of gestures flying! It was a great end to a wonderful night of live music at the Kasbah! Be sure to grab your copy of The Scene so you can be informed of all the exciting things SL live music has to offer! Thanks to Scruplz for sponsoring this wonderful event and for bringing us all together again!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tessa Chats with Porter Paquot

Hi Kasbah People! It's time for another Chat with Tessa! This time I sat down with Porter Paquot, from Portland, Oregon. We met on Skype this Sunday to chat about SL and RL. I have to say, I learned a lot about Porter, she is an open book, willing and eager to discuss both her lives.

Porter came to Second Life at a difficult time. She was struggling with depression and was barely handling RL. Coming to SL and performing gave her the opportunity to be herself and to gain back some of the strength she needed to again function in RL. She attributes her recovery to singing in SL and having the interaction she was lacking. She is now back to graduate school and performing both in and out of SL. I asked Porter what her favorite thing about performing in SL is and she told me how much she enjoys meeting new and interesting people and how she now gets to sing everyday!

Since Porter is singing everyday, I was curious to know if singing in SL had changed her RL performances. The answer was a resounding YES! Porter was very animated as she described how her band had been commenting on how much her vocals have improved, and even she has noticed her range has widened. She also told me how she has been able to explore different styles of music and to just have fun when she is singing. "Performing in SL is just fun for me, I am not here to get rich or famous, I just want to sing and be entertained."

When Porter is not in SL singing she can often be found performing with her real life band Fez Fatale. The band has been around for about 15 years and Porter has been a member for the past 5. She describes the band as "very quirky" and explained that they do all originals and are sort of a "lounge rock" act. Porter is one of 7 members, 4 of which do vocals for the band. If you go to the website you can find some of their recorded works including one titled "Six Pack" which Porter can be heard on.

I happen to know that Porter's band has come into SL to perform with her so I asked about their next scheduled performance. I was pleased to hear they are scheduled to perform at Kasbah on October 3rd at 10pm, it will be a live show with the strong possibility of live video as well! For those of you that might be in the Portland area the live show will be held at The Blue Monk. Since we were speaking of future plans I, of course, asked what else might be in store for Porter. She was very honest and forthcoming saying "I want to widen my fan base, play new venues and even perform at different times than I am used to. I also plan on having Fez Fatale perform hopefully once a month."

Besides the October 3rd show, Porter will also be performing weekly at Kasbah. I twisted her arm (lol) to tell me a little bit about her feelings for the venue. "I LOVE Kasbah, it's the prettiest venue in SL, so classy and well done. It has such a high caliber of music and I am honored to have been included in the lineup!" I don't know about you, but I got the impression she likes it there :-)

If you have been to a Porter Paquot show two things will immediately stand out. First is her powerful voice, and second, her fun and sometimes rowdy group of fans. In SL more so than anywhere else, fans have the opportunity to interact with performers and the performers have that same opportunity. No one enjoys interacting with their fans more than Porter. She shared with me a few of her favorite fan stories. "At one particular venue, the stage is surrounded by water...but it's prim and you can walk right on it...I noticed my fans were all staying back behind the water...somehow the idea came to pass out flotation devices...rubber ducks, and before I knew it I was surrounded by an army of yellow ducks!" She also described a giant beer bottle designed by a friend that she loved so much she has included in her fan gift pack. Porter's relationship with her fans is special, she thinks of them as her friends and enjoys, even encourages them to be as silly and fun as possible. She says it makes the shows even better not only for the fans but for her as well.

The hour was winding down, so I asked Porter my standard last question...and her reply was both touching and fun if that's possible. "Last words to my fans...hmmm, I think my fans are fun, sometimes rowdy but not crazy. I think I have a personal connection with a lot of my fans and consider them my friends. I feel like they are there for the fun, but also to help me grow. They tp in people to hear me and always welcome new people just like I would. I want them to know I appreciate them so much, for coming to the shows, for being rowdy and fun...I just...their help has been invaluable to me. I call them My Peeps, they are family and I love them." It was an awesome hour, talking with Porter today will always be one of the highlights of my SL. Until next time... Tessa1 Beck

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tessa Chats with Harper Messmer

      Hello Kasbah Friends, it's time for another chat, this time with Harper Messmer. I will admit, I was a little shy about approaching Harper.  I had never really spoken with him before and I wasn't sure how he would respond to my inquiry. I needn't have worried. He was enthusiastic and friendly from the door! We met at my favorite quiet place to get to know each other a bit. We both chose to sit on the grass, no easy feat for me with a new sit animation and a dress! Once we were settled I asked Harper about his return to SL music. He had taken a  break and when he returned he had a blow out comeback show. It struck me that things must have changed greatly in the months he was gone. He told me the biggest change he thinks is the economy and how it effects SL, watching venues close and new ones pop up so often. He also spoke of the influx of new musicians to SL and how cool it is to have the opportunity to listen to so many different styles of music from all over the world. He says he enjoys the chance to hear different renditions of the same songs and that since his return he has heard a lot of new talent. "The music scene has grown and I believe it will keep on growing!"
   Harper has been seen at many of the new artists' shows, but he can also be found at some of his good friends' shows participating in something called TP WARS! I asked him to tell me how it got started and who was winning. I could hear the mirth in his voice as he described the events that led up to the first war..."I thought it would be fun to tip one linden at a time, just something to make the artist on stage laugh. The favor was returned shortly thereafter. Then Max (Maximillion Kleene) came up with the genius idea of incorporating a TP in among the basically we try to trick the singer on stage to take the TP as they are clicking through the one linden tips." Harper laughed and said that he is definitely not the one winning as he has only been able to trick one person so far. "I got AMFORTE Clarity, and umm...she wasn't thrilled, but she forgave me....I have been tricked by Raspbury Rearwin as well as Max lol."He also said that it has gone so far now that even when they are not performing some of the players just send random tips.

    I have witnessed TP Wars at several venues including Kasbah. Since this is the Kasbah blog, I thought it prudent to ask Harper his thoughts on The Kasbah. I don't know if you know this, but Harper is very entertaining to talk to, his first response was "I hate that place!" Of course, he was kidding and went  on to say that he thinks the idea to marry the two arts, music and painting is awesome. "It's the only venue I know where you can watch a painter as she paints and hear the live stream of a musician. I think it's innovative and it makes for a quick and entertaining hour."

     When he mentioned the live stream a thought struck me, would we be seeing Harper on live video anytime soon? He explained that years ago, he used to do live video on yahoo webcam but has no real plans to resume that kind of thing in SL. He did say it was not out of the question though...hmmmm. So, if live video is not in Harpers immediate plans what is I asked. "I plan to bring back The Loft in the fall" The Loft is Harpers venue where every Tuesday there was an awesome lineup of musicians! Harper went into detail about how The Loft came to be at Triborough. He thought the 20 connected sims were just right and he set about convincing Panacea Luminos (the owner). I could tell he was thrilled with how hard she worked to make his venue fit in with the overall look and feel of the sims.

     If you have ever been to one of Harpers shows, be it at Kasbah, The Loft or any other awesome SL venue you would see his huge group of fans. We talked about how humbling having fans is to him, because, as he said, he sings other peoples songs for the most part. "At the end of the day, I feel like I am really lucky, I was in the right place at the right time. SL music is a hobby for me and I enjoy it."  Harper went on to talk about how great it is to have the opportunity do meet and hang out with the people that enjoy his music. He said that he is well aware of the dangers of putting yourself out there, and that if you don't have the right mindset it can break you. I think Harper definitely has the right idea, being cautious but not allowing it to go to his head or change the way he acts. He also went on to say how he believes that SL fans are the most loyal, and how they have stayed with him throughout his SL journey.

       It was nice to hear such a fresh perspective. I looked up from taking my interview notes to see that our time was fast approaching the end, so I asked Harper my usual question, did he have anything he wanted to say to his fans before we said goodbye. In Harpers gentle voice there was so much warmth as he said "A big thank you, I don't deserve a lof of whats been given to me and I appreciate the love and support I have received. Performing in SL has been life changing in a great way, it's one of the best curve balls thrown my way and a big learning experience." He talked about how he has grown up musically and how his knowledge of bands and musicians has increased drastically since being in SL. His last words...."I would not have been able to continue on as an artist if it weren't for the fans, I have been given the opportunity to perform with amazing artists and share trade secrets, it's been a really cool experience and I have the fans to thank! Oh...and AMFORTE loves random TP'S!!!" See, I told you he was entertaining lol. It was a great chat and I look forward to catching Harper's show again soon, that's all for now, until next time, Tessa1 Beck

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hi! The Kasbah celebrated it's one year anniversay this evening with a huge party! The lineup was awesome! Starting the night off was Strum Diesel, a  really great member of the Kasbah family. His set rocked, as usual, the crowd gathering throughout his performance. Following Strum was SweetLilly Pinelli. If you have not heard Sweet yet, you should, her name perfectly suits her musical style and voice. She gave us a lovely hour of entertainment. She passed the stage over to Phemie Alcott at the top of the hour. Phemie shared her beautiful voice and cool originals with us. Her final song on piano was enough to melt anyones heart. Up next was Rara Destiny, the very first performer to take the Kasbah stage one year ago! She led us through the hour with her sexy, soulful voice and adorable personality. Harper Messmer was waiting in the wings as Rara finished up her final song. Harper, also a longtime regular here at The Kasbah, was true to form, singing in his relaxed style. His gentle tone and easy manner were a pleasing addition to the evenings festivities. At 9pm Maximillion Kleene began his set. Max, one of Kasbah's favorite players, gave us some beautiful music before inviting Harper and Raspbury Rearwin to join him on stage. The three talented musicians entertained us with their adorable banter and incredible musical abilities. The sim was packed, everyone who is anyone was here for the triple stream! Their renditions of "Chasing Cars" and "Hallelujah" were enough to make you fall in love. When the triple stream ended, Raspbury continued for the rest of his hour. Rasp, a regular at the Kasbah was in rare form, still on a high from the triple stream. LizAday Solo, another member of the Kasbah family, finished off the night with her strong vocals and sparkling personality. The night was sponsored by Scruplz Magazine and free t-shirts and party packs were given out to all! We at Kasbah would like to thank everyone for coming to the celebration and for making this past year something special!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tessa Chats with Maximillion Kleene

  Have you ever just sat back and I love my job? I did this evening. I had the opportunity to speak with one of SL's most well known and loved musicians, Maximillion Kleene! I know right?  I learned a lot about Max tonight, and I can't wait to share it with you.

    We met at The Audio Union and after a brief tour we sat down to chat. Max has been performing in SL for close to three years, and I was curious how the music scene had changed since his early days. He told me that he thinks the biggest change is the size, saying, "Basically the whole scene has grown exponentially." We talked about how, when he began performing, the entire music scene was one big community; that it was easy to get the buzz going about a new artist, but that now, as the scene has grown, there are different groups of musicians and fans that may not intersect. "New artists have a harder time growing their fan base, if I were to have come in now rather than 3 years ago, I doubt I would have the following I do." Max explained how there are so many more musicians and even types of musicians hitting SL, and that he thought it was really great to be part of such a growing community.

     One of the things that I think sets Max apart from some of the other SL musicians is his vast repertoire of songs. I asked him how he goes about choosing a song, what goes into deciding whether to add it to his list or not. He said he gets a lot of suggestions for songs from his fans and he tries to check each one out. He also hears them on the radio or T.V.  "It's kind of how the song makes me feel, happy, sad, has to catch me and I think about if I would want to play it or not." I was curious what his current favorite songs to perform are right now and he said, "Starry, Starry Night"" and Hey Soul Sister", both very new to his set list.

     While we were talking about songs and performing I asked Max if he had anything new in the works here in SL. I was excited to hear that he is making plans to resurrect The Zone, a live music venue he ran awhile back! He said, "It's just time, you know...everyone has that place, that happy place to go and relax, could be here, RL or even in your head, that zone where you feel good" He is looking forward to working on it, finding the time to obsess over it and make it just right.

     Speaking of finding time, Max has been spending a lot of his time at SL music jams. I wanted to know what it was like for him there, and what keeps him going back. He shared with me that to him, it's about the music and meeting the people he considers his friends. He loves the energy, how the music just builds, and how everyone is just so happy to be there. "It's just....FUN!" He will be attending the South Carolina Jam this month and I was curious where he would most like to go for a future jam. "Buffalo!" Max told me that he and another SL'er have been in talks to do a jam in Buffalo, N.Y. next year, because it's close to home and easy to get to, so keep an ear out for news about that jam coming soon!

      When he isn't going to SL meet ups he is in world performing. One of the many shows he does is at The Kasbah. I happen to know that Max has a soft spot for the venue, so I asked him about it. He was kind enough to tell me that he likes the feel of it there, the people, the hosts; he said that when you go there, you just know it's going to be a fun night. He also mentioned how much he enjoys being part of an awesome lineup of musicians, spouting names such as Raspbury Rearwin, Harper Messmer and Edward Kyomoon to name a few.

      If you have ever been to a Max Kleene show, at the Kasbah, or anywhere the first thing you notice is the crowd. Max has a huge group of fans, and a good portion of those fans go to his shows faithfully. I asked him how he felt about having so many people feel they know him, care for him...Max's voice changed, became softer, as he said, "People connect through music, I love that they feel so close to me, that’s part of why I go to meet ups, why I speak about my life during sets." He spoke about getting used to seeing the same names at the shows and how he makes a point of trying to get to know those people. "I'm a live music fan as well as a musician and I love hanging out after my shows to listen to the next performer and to get to know the people who come to see me."
     I realized that the time for his next set was quickly approaching so I asked Max my standard question...Do you have anything you would like to say to your friends and fans before we close? Max said..."Oh man, that's a good one" there was a long silence, to the point where I thought perhaps I had lost sound, then..."speechless" and in that one word I heard all the emotion, all the gratitude he felt for the people that have made his SL so special. Sometimes there just are no words that can adequately express ones feelings and for Max, this was one of those times. We sat there for another moment, quietly reflecting. It was a well spent 90 minutes, a chat I hope you enjoyed reading about as much as I enjoyed having. That's all for now, until next time...Tessa1 Beck

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tessa Chats with Raspbury Rearwin

   Hey Kasbah! How's it Goin? It's time for another installment of Tessa Chat's With.....and this time, it's Raspbury Rearwin! We sat down in my livingroom today to have a chat about SL music and the Raspinator himself. I was really excited because those of you that know Raspbury know, he is full of questions...but today, it was MY turn!
    My first question was simple, I wanted to know how long Raspbury had been on SL before he began performing. He told me he had been here around 5 months before he even knew there was a live music scene! His first experience came at the hands of Keiko Takamura, a great SL musician. Rasp was hooked and began using search to find more music. It was at least another month before he would stream his own music and even then it was on a friends lawn just for fun. Despite the numerous offers, Rasp didn't actually book his first show til he had been in world 9 or 10 months. I asked him if he also performed in RL and he let me know that while he does go to the occasional open mic, the bulk of his performing is on SL. He performs on SL as a hobby, to have fun.."If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't do it"  
         Raspbury does a lot of originals during his shows, and many of them are collaborations between him and other awesome SL musicians. I was curious to learn more about how it all works and his take on it. We talked about how sometimes words come to him, ideas for songs that might not fit him per se, so he might send them off to one of his friends to see if it clicks with them. He has co written songs with Mimi Carpenter and Amforte to name just a few. He said that sometimes it's just him goofing off and the song writes itself. He told me how he and Amforte were just talking, messing around playing music and he started singing what he called an "Amf" song....she came back later and said..."Hey I finished that song we started"...she had loved it...Took it Away can be heard by both of them during sets...
       I recalled hearing both Raspbury and AMFORTE perform the song together and it made me wonder about dual streaming, so I asked Rasp who he would like to dual stream with next. He said he would like to do more dual streaming with a lot of people, has feelers out, but the one he thinks he would most like to dual with is Rara Destiny. They have played together in the past and feels that their voices and styles blend well together. We talked about how he hounded Rara to learn a certain song and how well it turned out. He said he likes to make covers of songs interesting, to take them in a different direction. "Music in itself is a universal language." he said, and followed with "I love to take something familiar, change it, and then perform it  totally out of context" You never know what you might hear at one of his shows....but you know it will be fun!
      Speaking of fun...I thought it would be fun to tease Rasp a bit so I asked him why people call him the SOUND NAZI! He laughed and said Rara gave him that nickname. He isn't afraid to tell someone if their sound is off, because he thinks it only helps people get better. You can often find Rasp in someones IM box helping to fix their sound. We talked about how for the most part the musicians in SL have formed a very supportive community and he is proud to be a part of it. "SL does nothing to promote the live music aspect so we as performers have an obligation to promote each other" Rasp does his part by volunteering his time to new musicians to tweak their sound and by giving shout outs to the musicians in the audience at his shows.
      For those of you that don't know, Kasbah has a birthday coming up, and Raspbury will be performing for the celebration. I asked him for a few thoughts on Kasbah and he had lots to say! "I often don't play more than once in a place, but Kasbah is different" He mentioned how great the crowds are there, how he likes to be the last act, getting the carry over guests from previous shows. He told me how great he thinks it is that Kasbah is now on the Studio Genre sim, mixing art and music for a unique experience. "It's really cool because you can park there for the night, knowing it's going to be 4 hours of quality music" He also mentioned that he felt the shows were well run and organized and how friendly the staff is to work with too.
      TIme was running short, but I had to ask Rasp about his fans. He has this extremely strong and loyal core of fans that come to every show. They will fight til the death for him....believe me, I have seen them do it....and I was curious how he felt about it. He said he thinks it's because he doesn't look at his performances as shows, more like..."Hey, I wanna play, you wanna listen? that's when it's fun."  Rasp explained to me that he shares a lot of himself during his sets, doesn't matter if it is a 30 strong group or an intimate concert of 2 or 3, he chats  about his life between songs and that he really feels like he is hanging out with his friends rather than performing. He told me that he is amazed by the support from his friends, fans and the music community in general and wanted to thank everyone for making SL what it is for him. I asked if he had a message for his fans and he said..."thanks again and next time, when you are scanning search, pick a name you have never seen before and go catch a few might be surprised! It was great fun to talk with Raspbury, check out his weekly gig at Kasbah! That's all for now, Tessa1 Beck

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Loegan's Log

Hey folks,  Kasbah is celebrating it’s one  year anniversary on July 21st and you are all invited!  We have a great lineup in place and our friends at SCRUPLZ magazine is sponsoring the event.  So come on down and Rock the Kasbah’s Anniversary bash!

We’ve gathered together your favorite Kasbah musicians
4pm  Strum Diesel
5pm  SweetLilly Pinelli
6pm  Phemie Alcott
7pm  Rara Destiny
8pm  Harper Messmer
9pm  Maximillion Kleene
10pm Raspbury Rearwin
11pm JordanReyne Deezul

It’s sure to be a great nigh that you don’t want to miss.  We hope to have a surprise or two along the way.

Check back for more info soon,
Loegan Magic

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tessa Chats with Van Caerndow

  Hello Kasbah Friends and Family. Today I was given the opportunity to meet with one of Studio Genre's featured artists, Van Caerndow. His show at Kasbah will begin July 10th in the upper gallery. We decided to have our chat in his space at Studio Genre. It was a fun experience listening to Van talk about his artwork as it surrounded us. Van is originally from New York, but came to Illinois for college. That was some 40 years ago and he now resides in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. Before he began his painting career he owned and operated a record store. He did all the advertising himself, always the artist. When the record store closed, he was inspired to begin painting, using small strips of 2 inch by 10 inch pieces of glass as his canvas. He used Pebeo glass paint to create scenes for a renaissance fair he was working. He was surprised that people liked them and he actually did ok selling them.  He eventually began working with different sizes of glass, creating paintings of mythology, medieval scenes and eventually old west themes. That first year he did 150 paintings!

    Van shared with me that he actually came to SL for the sole purpose of showing his artwork. Friends of his suggested he try it out, and he cautiously logged in. He began by doing some role playing and asking people how he could go about bringing his art in-world. While here in SL he happened upon the article about Filthy Fluno, another SL artist, in the New York Times. He again began asking around and was given the information on how to bring his works here and how to display them. He even learned how to scan and printout his glassworks on watercolor paper to make them any size he wanted. He had been in SL for about 7 months when he began painting portraits of avatars, the bulk of his SL work now.

     I was camming around a little as we talked, and I was curious to know what influenced him in his art. I learned so much! Van is very influenced by Van Gogh, and yes, that is the inspiration for his avatars name. He has used several of Van Gogh's paintings as a starting point, even using the same couple from a famous painting in several of his own! He told me he likes creating paintings that tell a story, and that he needs to feel moved by something before he paints it. He likes action in his art, and hopes when people see his paintings they can see the story he is trying to convey.... "even with portraits, I try to get to know the person, spend time with them before I begin painting them" Van was so sincere as he spoke about his desire to create art that pushes him to get better and satisfies what others want to see as well. I asked what his current favorite was and though he had several the one that stuck with me was one called ‘Ed is Dead.’ He enjoys painting so much and you can tell in his work. In Ed is Dead, you have to really study the painting to get all that he has included....even down to a painting within a painting the size of a postage stamp!

     Van was excited about his upcoming and current shows and projects. In RL he has some of his SL portraits displayed in a hair salon. Each avie is sporting wild hair and getting great reviews from customers! In SL he has his own gallery, will be showing at Kasbah starting today and has an upcoming project that sounded intriguing. He will be painting portraits of ten SL artists, hopefully including, Filthy Fluno, Fuschia Nightfire, littleone Aries, Rowan Argus, Genevieve Silvercloud, Rag Randt and a few more, and they will in turn paint his portrait. The 20 paintings will be displayed as a series coming hopefully before the end of the year.

    The gallery was proving to be enticing, so I asked Van for the full tour. I was impressed by the detail in his works and we stopped to chat about several of the paintings. I especially liked the one he did of a Unicorn....there are so many I could mention, but I think the best thing is to check them out for yourself. As we came to the top of his gallery I noticed the sim around us. Studio Genre is a very unique place and I asked Van his thoughts about it. "I was impressed" he said, "when Gen and Jacobo first came to me about showing there, I had no gallery, nowhere to show my art full time. I thought it sounded tremendous! It feels like a family here." I was touched by how open and friendly Van was, and how much he truly appreciated what SL and his friends here have given him. I said goodbye to Van and before I tp'd out took a last look at some of my favorite pieces. It's not surprising that he has 7 commisioned works currently and has even sold some of his SL paintings in RL.  It was pleasure learning about this artist and his works. That’s all for now; until next time, Tessa1 Beck.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tessa Chats With Buckley Moonwall

Hi Kasbah People! I just had the best chat with Buckley Moonwall, aka Gordon Vincent. We sat down on Skype to talk about SL, music and all things Buckley. So many times a musician is interviewed and asked the same questions over and over. I wanted to try and avoid that for the most part, but there were a few things I felt could be touched on briefly. One of those things was Buckley's first impression of SL in general. His friend Pete, also known as Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler, had been on SL for about a month and told him about it...his first reaction....he dismissed it as just another one of those "things". But after watching a show he thought it was a bit weird, but also cool. He decided to give it a try, the start was rough, issues with sound etc. but he found everyone to be so supportive and helpful, and he learned a lot about the technical side of performing.
  I asked about some of the differences he noticed between SL and RL performances. "In SL it is more intense, the sound is more vivid, more controlled," he said, "I play with headphones on so I hear everything and the fans hear everything I do as well" He also mentioned the amazing interaction he enjoys with the crowd. "I love to read local chat when I can, my fans are funny and sometimes crazy, makes for a better show all around" We talked about some of the more amusing interactions he has had during sets, one in particular came to mind..."One of the people in the audience made comment about the tip jar I use...a monkey in a wagon, there is always someone making funny comments, stroke the monkey, hit the the monkey.... but this one fan in particular was saying it gave a whole new meaning to massaging the monkey...and I wanted to know...what was the old meaning???......turns out she worked in a zoo!" He told me he loved getting to know his fans, that the idea that people from all over the world can come to SL and hear his music was mind blowing to him.
   The SL music scene is my home and I wanted to know how Buckley felt about it. True to form he was enthusiastic about his feelings. "It's such a strong scene, I think of it kind of like the new frontier...everyone trying new things, breaking new ground, some of it works, some of it doesn't...but we keep pushing...exploring." He said SL music gave him what he needed, interaction with people, a place to share his music and learn. It was clear Buckley was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform in SL and to reach so many with his music.
    I asked Buckley about his RL career, how it was going, what was new...and he told me he is hoping to begin touring the NE soon, sharing his music and that his 3rd CD, Confessions of a Hummingbird Farmer, should be out in July. Where can we get it I asked...."I will probably sell it in world, but it can also be purchased at ITunes, CDbaby and of course my website" We talked a bit about his goals for his SL career and he made me smile, saying he just wants to keep playing, growing and reaching more people. ""I feel I am a better performer because of SL, and I look forward to more feedback to help me to continue to grow."
    Sadly our time was drawing to an end, so I asked my standard fan question...What would you like to say to the fans on SL? I don't think I have gotten quite such a lovely answer before..."My life is as a singer/songwriter, to have such regular fans, or to be playing so often,
connecting so directly, - this is all new, and really appreciated. I feel like I've been on the road
for the past year and a half.  I want to share myself with them through my music and thank them all for coming to my shows and to let them know that nothing I do would mean anything without them, it's not all about me, the shows are what they are because of those wonderful people" I leave you with that, until next time...Tessa1 Beck.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jupitars Jargon

Jupitars Jargon

June 23

    The Kasbah had a great night of music this Wednesday. Sojurn Rosini took the stage at 7pm and the crowd started to pour in. Sojurn put on a great performance and played cover songs ranging from artists such as Eric Clapton, MatchBox 20, 3 Doors Down and many others. He also performed an incredible original song called "Solace" that he is thinking about bringing to iTunes. During the performance at Kasbah Sojurn was simultaneously broadcasting live in UStream and taking requests from both crowds. The show was full of energy, soul and the hour flew by so fast; before the crowd knew it, Sojurn was performing his traditional show finishing tune "Imagine."
    Performing at 8pm was the great Harrison Digfoot, starting off with Low by Cracker and then a fantastic rendition of Mazzy Star's Fade Into You. More people joined the crowd and danced to the almost haunting sounds of Harrison's harmonica and acoustic guitar. Despite a few technical difficulties that sometimes happen when performing live in the complicated world of Second Life Harrison put on a fantastic performance.
    The fantastically talented Strum Diesel started wowing the audience at 9pm. An abundance of new Second Life faces came to join the Kasbah audience and Strum did not disappoint. His smooth and passionate voice embraced the entire Kasbah venue performing original songs off his album, which can be purchased in SL, and fun covers by entertainers like the Cult, Annie Lenix and George Michael. In the middle of the set Strum read a touching poem that he had written the day before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans while he was there.
    Ending out the four hours of live music was the electrifying Edward Kyomoon bringing with him his dedicated fans. Edward started off the set with his acoustic guitar and a stripped down performance. His rendition of Bob Dylan's knocking on heaven's door had the crowd praising him the entire song. Later in the set he transitioned back to his more familiar electric sound switching to his electric Guitar, exciting backing tracts, and dynamic harmonies. Edward performed original music as well as covers by Artists such as Beck and Blue October. At the end of the performance there were over 50 people rocking the Kasbah!
    Sheila Soulstar was the Kasbah's hostess for the evening and she did a remarkable job welcoming every person that entered the venue and chatted with the audience throughout the show. The Kasbah's audience was remarkable throughout the four hours of live music; donating to the performers and to the venue and also just making the Kasbah the awesome venue that it is. It's the people who visit Kasbah that give it its soul and thanks to the remarkable people that come to be entertained they make it an incredible place to hang out, perform and work at!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kasbah News!

Hey Everyone! Just a quick heads up, our very own Loegan Magic, owner of Kasbah and Speakeasy is currently appearing in Scruplz Magazine! Here is the link, best to check it out online!
let's give Loegan and Kasbah our support! Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interview Take 2

    This evening I was given the opportunity to do something I love, have a conversation with an SL musician. I sat down with Harrison Digfoot after his set to have a chat. Harrison broadcasts live from his home in GA. He has only been on the SL music scene a few months and I wondered how he found himself here in SL. He told me that way back in 2008 he was watching MTV with his niece. There was a show about a girl who performed on SL and it intrigued him. He wrote down Second Life on a piece of paper and a week later came online to check it out. He managed to find an open mic and tried it out. "That was not a great experience lol" he said as he described the difficulties he faced with  poor graphics and slow connection. He did, however, catch a tribute band of Pink Floyd. I could tell he really thought that was cool, he even shared the story with his online friends! Due to the afore mentioned computer issues, he decided to shelve SL and went back to CamFrog, an online chat room where he and other musicians  perform for their online friends. In December of 2009 Harrison again signed onto SL, this time to show his nephew how much better things looked with a better connection and graphics card.
        Harrison describes his style as his own brand of Americana, influenced by  bluegrass, country and even the likes of Bob Marley.  He began playing his music on the streets of SL, performing for whoever would listen. His experiences were kind of crazy, receiving all sorts of reactions from the residents. One day he decided to just fly, he flew and flew and flew! He made up his mind that the first people he saw he was going to talk to. After quite awhile, he saw 3 dots on his map. He stopped to talk to them, it was Hennesey Sauteraeu, Arimo Teixeira and Cellandra Zon.  They were at a club, they were really nice to him and he told them he played. They let him play a song for them. Thats how Hennesey became his first manager. "To me it was kind of magical," Harrison said, also mentioning he is still good friends with Cellandra.  While Harrison was performing here, he was also making new friends. One of his favorite things to do in SL is just sit back and chill at his usual spot (sorry ladies not giving that info up lol), chatting with his friends and making new ones.
          We talked about some of his songs, Harrison writes a lot of his own songs and I was anxious to find out about his writing style and maybe even some of his inspirations. One of my favorite songs is Lil Girl in California, Harrison told me that song was written for a real life girl and that the song basically wrote itself. He also just recently wrote a song for a greifer girl in Second Life, Lianna. "Songs like that are fun" he said. He hopes to make an SL video based on that song, maybe even have the girl appear in it. "That song wrote itself in no time, while I was talking to this girl, and I started singing it to her, she was like....why did you write that lol" Harrison commented that songs that come quick like that are usually his best and he plans to sit down soon to write some more. I suggested one with "Tessa" in it, fingers crossed lol.
          It is clear that Harrison is thrilled to be performing here in SL, so I asked him about his long term goals. In his usual sweet manner he said, " I just want to play my music to as many people as I can, SL is a great platform for all kinds of things, especially music." He credits SL with making him a better musician, pushing him to reach his potential everyday. "In Second Life I can play to people all over the world! I can talk to them about my music, their music, anything really." He is so enthusiastic about SL, he has been actively recruiting other online friends to come here and try their hand in the music scene too!
         Sadly our time was coming to an end, so I asked Harrison about his thoughts on his upcoming weekly gig at Kasbah. He was about as animated as I have ever heard him as he said "I love the Kasbah!"  He is excited to be back and looks forward to working with both Loegan and Tellstar again. Harrison can be seen weekly at 8pm sl time throughout the month of June. As is my habit, I asked Harri if there was anything he wanted to share with his fans before we said goodbye. He was Pure Harrison as he said "get to as many shows as you can, get out there and enjoy, hang out, music is AWESOME!" What else is there to say, thank you Harrison, until next time, Tessa1 Beck.

Sunday, May 30, 2010



Hello friends,

SL musician and friend to Kasbah, LizAday Solo is a finalist in the LILITH FAIR Talent search with her song "Lucky".  If you are a LIzAday fan, and if you aren't you should be, please take some time and go to the website and vote for her.  This is a great chance to support an SL musician's RL music career.  Let's show her how much we love her playing here in SL and give her some votes.  Just follow the information below.

The contest is in the 'quarter finals' right now.

Voting in this contest sort of  involved... so if you have 20 minutes to an hour (depending on how fast you can click) please consider voting for Liz!!

Here's how:

1. Start an account on

2. click JUDGE it's at the top of the home page.

3. click LILITH FAIR CHANNELS off to the RIGHT hand side of the screen.

4. Click SEATTLE/GEORGE and the RIGHT hand side of the screen.

That will take you to the judging area. There are 19 other women in this portion of the finals and you have to listen to @least 15 seconds of each... There will be about 160 "battles" for you to vote through.  Liz should appear about 15 times or so in the "head to head" voting.

She would love to get through to the next round and each vote counts.

Good Luck Liz!

Thanks for taking the time to support LizAday and SL music
Loegan Magic

Monday, May 17, 2010


   Hi and welcome to the Kasbah blog. Every week we will be interviewing one of the Kasbah musicians, learning a little about them, what they like, what they think about SL, Live Music and of course The Kasbah! This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Adrienne Deezul. We met on Skype for a chat, and, right off the bat, I liked her! What a friendly, outgoing person, we spoke with ease about SL, RL, music and even a bit about real estate lol.
        Adrienne, real name Jordan Reyne,  is originally from New Zealand.  Her early years there could be described as difficult, and she spent a year living with her guitar instructor and his family before branching out on her own.  She now resides in Germany with her partner and performs for us from the comfort of her home. I asked Adrienne about the difficulties of living in Germany and performing in SL due to the time zone differences. What she told me was amazing, "I had to go to the rental group and ask when I could play my music legally and  the tenants group said.. that the law is basically not in favor of any kind of playing music,but, because studies have shown  that music is helpful to peoples well being so there fore we must allow it, so you can play legally from 7am to 12pm  and 3pm to 8pm, that means the latest I can have a gig is 11AM SL time"  she continued with "there are very strict rules here about music"

     I asked Adrienne what first brought her to SL and what she liked most about performing here. She said that her friend, an SL musician, suggested she come and check it out. She did a set with said friend and was amazed at the feedback she received from the audience. She was hooked and decided to become an SL resident and share her music. Her favorite thing about performing in SL is the warmth and support she feels from her friends and fans and the ability to reach a broader audience with her music. Since we were discussing fans, I asked if she had any funny stories she would like to share. She did! the first was about her early days in SL, she was performing after someone and he was announcing she would be coming up next, here is what he said.."I don't know who is up after me....oh, it's Adrienne Deezul, well who the hell is that?" she told the story with intermittent laughs and I could tell that she really thought it was amusing. Her other fan story was about someone who came to her deep dark set and began break dancing and smoking. She said, "I love it when people do stuff like that, inappropriate dancing, silly stuff, in fact that person became my best friend in SL!" Did I mention I really like this girl? lol
         I was curious about Adrienne's music career in RL, she told me that when she first came to Germany she was a busker, performing on street corners in Hamburg and other areas. I was thrilled to learn that she has 5 albums out and has been nominated for several music awards in New Zealand! Her CD's can be found at CDBABY and most of her sales are made that way. She does perform about 2 RL gigs a month, but prefers to sing here in SL. In fact, her long term goal is to survive financially solely on SL performances, following in the footsteps of such musicians as Russel Eponym and Loran Andretti.
       Adrienne was excited to share with me her website where you can find more about herself, and her music. She is looking forward to the release of her newest video for the song The Brave from the Album How The Dead Live. The album is about Susanna Hawes, a brave woman who quietly made history. I could hear the emotion in her voice as she spoke about the song and the inspiration for it. She promised to give me the scoop on the release date for the video and the song can soon be heard here on the blog as well!
       Our time was coming to a close, so I asked my final question..."What do you like about performing at the Speakeasy and what are your thoughts on your upcoming weekly gig at The Kasbah" True to form, Adrienne was quick to answer and straightforward..."I loved how the people behaved there, it's a great venue! I really like Loegan he is a professional, but with humor" She is looking forward to performing at Kasbah, starting May 19th at 10am SL time. She describes her music as dark with attitude and while I found her very entertaining and engaging I just know  that attitude is in there! I enjoyed the interview and look forward to catching her perform at The Kasbah soon! Don't you think you should be there too? That's all for now, take care...Tessa1 Beck.