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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today was the first ever Studio Genre Art Crawl! For those of you not aware, an art crawl is just like a bar crawl but without the liquor lol. We started at Lucky, the home of Strum Diesel. The lush greenery of the landscape coupled with the incredible music of Strum created the perfect beginning to an amazing three hours of live music and beautiful art. Strum is a true artist, writing songs that touch us all with emotions and thoughts from his soul. He spent 30 minutes entertaining us with his original music and always enjoyable banter. The crowd that gathered were enthusiastic to say the least! It was a treat to be among some of SL's premiere artists, musicians and art supporters.

The next stop on the art crawl was Van's Wild West Gallery featuring the music of SweetLilly Pinelli. Van is an interesting artist who does his paintings primarily on small pieces of glass. He has a vast array of paintings displayed here, ranging from the older style of western art to his unique perspective on the SL avatar. SweetLilly filled the gallery with the gentle sounds of her sometimes hauntingly but always beautiful voice. The guests traveled through the gallery to the rooftop stage, stopping along the way to enjoy the art covered walls. I think it was a perfect blend of music and art, giving us 30 minutes of relaxation and pleasure.

We traveled on to The Aries Gallery to take in some breathtaking paintings from the incredibly talented littleone Aries. Kelvinblue Oh was onstage and ready to take over the next 30 minutes of SL music. Littleone's art is a tribute to her surroundings, she paints what she sees from her studio windows and all the beauty of her island home. The studio quickly filled with visitors anxious to hear Kelvin rip into some of his trademark songs.The sharp contrast between Kelvins hard rocking blues and the romance of the art made this half hour pure fun with some awesome guitar and vibrant images that SL has to offer!

I took the tp to the next gallery and was immediately hit with the sounds of Amforte's smoky voice. She was giving herself to a song full of angst. It was a kind of weird feeling hearing her, the screen black during tp...and as the room came into focus there was another surprise, a stage befitting an art gallery...indescribable and red hues surrounding a small stage. Syl Darcy's Fine Art Gallery held so much to see and enjoy. I cammed down to the art below and really enjoyed the original works she is sharing with all of us. Such lovely landscapes and beautiful watercolors and even a gift for everyone under the christmas tree! Amforte sang songs ranging from the afore mentioned sad to the very happy, Felice Navidad! Her originals and covers were the perfect compliment to Syl's beautiful gallery.

Antenna Rae's Fine Arts Studio was the next gallery in the crawl. I had never been to her studio and I found out quickly that I had missed something wonderful. The paintings were exactly my style, soft, beautiful water colors washed over the canvas, each more beautiful than the next. These are the kinds of paintings you want surrounding you when you want to relax, have a glass of wine and listen to some good music. This is exactly what I did as I listened to Porter Paquot, an awesome SL vocalist with a powerful voice and the bubbliest personality ever to grace SL. The art crawlers spent the half hour perusing the paintings as they hummed along with our Miss Porter. The mood was definitely happy as we finished the half hour and moved on to the last gallery.

Kundemor Tamatzui Fine Artis a fabulous studio full of color and light. His vision of incorporating the kundiamor melon and the latin woman together in his unique way has been accomplished skillfully. The colors and textures creating a feeling of understanding, each painting more vivid and interesting than the last. While we took in the art gracing the walls of this elegant studio we were entertained by the beautiful sounds of Lawanda Andel. Her gorgeous music, all instrumental piano, added to the elegance of the scene. It was the perfect way to close the Studio Genre Art Crawl. I encourage each of you to stop by the various galleries, there really is something for everyone here. Share the Landmark with a friend. Art, music and friendship, who could ask for anything more.

Tessa1 Beck

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  1. The Art Crawl was sooooo fun! And such a wildly successful event. Loegan did an outstanding job wrangling the details, and all the artists pitched in to help out.. especially Littleone Aries.. Great job everyone! I can't wait to do it again in a few weeks!