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Sunday, May 30, 2010



Hello friends,

SL musician and friend to Kasbah, LizAday Solo is a finalist in the LILITH FAIR Talent search with her song "Lucky".  If you are a LIzAday fan, and if you aren't you should be, please take some time and go to the website and vote for her.  This is a great chance to support an SL musician's RL music career.  Let's show her how much we love her playing here in SL and give her some votes.  Just follow the information below.

The contest is in the 'quarter finals' right now.

Voting in this contest sort of  involved... so if you have 20 minutes to an hour (depending on how fast you can click) please consider voting for Liz!!

Here's how:

1. Start an account on

2. click JUDGE it's at the top of the home page.

3. click LILITH FAIR CHANNELS off to the RIGHT hand side of the screen.

4. Click SEATTLE/GEORGE and the RIGHT hand side of the screen.

That will take you to the judging area. There are 19 other women in this portion of the finals and you have to listen to @least 15 seconds of each... There will be about 160 "battles" for you to vote through.  Liz should appear about 15 times or so in the "head to head" voting.

She would love to get through to the next round and each vote counts.

Good Luck Liz!

Thanks for taking the time to support LizAday and SL music
Loegan Magic

Monday, May 17, 2010


   Hi and welcome to the Kasbah blog. Every week we will be interviewing one of the Kasbah musicians, learning a little about them, what they like, what they think about SL, Live Music and of course The Kasbah! This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Adrienne Deezul. We met on Skype for a chat, and, right off the bat, I liked her! What a friendly, outgoing person, we spoke with ease about SL, RL, music and even a bit about real estate lol.
        Adrienne, real name Jordan Reyne,  is originally from New Zealand.  Her early years there could be described as difficult, and she spent a year living with her guitar instructor and his family before branching out on her own.  She now resides in Germany with her partner and performs for us from the comfort of her home. I asked Adrienne about the difficulties of living in Germany and performing in SL due to the time zone differences. What she told me was amazing, "I had to go to the rental group and ask when I could play my music legally and  the tenants group said.. that the law is basically not in favor of any kind of playing music,but, because studies have shown  that music is helpful to peoples well being so there fore we must allow it, so you can play legally from 7am to 12pm  and 3pm to 8pm, that means the latest I can have a gig is 11AM SL time"  she continued with "there are very strict rules here about music"

     I asked Adrienne what first brought her to SL and what she liked most about performing here. She said that her friend, an SL musician, suggested she come and check it out. She did a set with said friend and was amazed at the feedback she received from the audience. She was hooked and decided to become an SL resident and share her music. Her favorite thing about performing in SL is the warmth and support she feels from her friends and fans and the ability to reach a broader audience with her music. Since we were discussing fans, I asked if she had any funny stories she would like to share. She did! the first was about her early days in SL, she was performing after someone and he was announcing she would be coming up next, here is what he said.."I don't know who is up after me....oh, it's Adrienne Deezul, well who the hell is that?" she told the story with intermittent laughs and I could tell that she really thought it was amusing. Her other fan story was about someone who came to her deep dark set and began break dancing and smoking. She said, "I love it when people do stuff like that, inappropriate dancing, silly stuff, in fact that person became my best friend in SL!" Did I mention I really like this girl? lol
         I was curious about Adrienne's music career in RL, she told me that when she first came to Germany she was a busker, performing on street corners in Hamburg and other areas. I was thrilled to learn that she has 5 albums out and has been nominated for several music awards in New Zealand! Her CD's can be found at CDBABY and most of her sales are made that way. She does perform about 2 RL gigs a month, but prefers to sing here in SL. In fact, her long term goal is to survive financially solely on SL performances, following in the footsteps of such musicians as Russel Eponym and Loran Andretti.
       Adrienne was excited to share with me her website where you can find more about herself, and her music. She is looking forward to the release of her newest video for the song The Brave from the Album How The Dead Live. The album is about Susanna Hawes, a brave woman who quietly made history. I could hear the emotion in her voice as she spoke about the song and the inspiration for it. She promised to give me the scoop on the release date for the video and the song can soon be heard here on the blog as well!
       Our time was coming to a close, so I asked my final question..."What do you like about performing at the Speakeasy and what are your thoughts on your upcoming weekly gig at The Kasbah" True to form, Adrienne was quick to answer and straightforward..."I loved how the people behaved there, it's a great venue! I really like Loegan he is a professional, but with humor" She is looking forward to performing at Kasbah, starting May 19th at 10am SL time. She describes her music as dark with attitude and while I found her very entertaining and engaging I just know  that attitude is in there! I enjoyed the interview and look forward to catching her perform at The Kasbah soon! Don't you think you should be there too? That's all for now, take care...Tessa1 Beck.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank You From Kasbah and Loegan Magic

I just wanted to take a minute to say a quick thank you to all the musicians and fans who have been coming to Kasbah since we reopened on May 5th.  The shows have been better then ever and the response has been overwhelming.  The support you have all given Kasbah is greatly appreciated, thank you all.

While I’m on the subject of giving thanks, I’d like to give a special thank you to the musicians who took time out of their busy schedules to have a word with Tessa about playing Kasbah (Grand Re-opening posted May 5th).  Musicians play lots of venues in SL, so it means a great deal that Kasbah stands out to them and that they have fond memories of playing here.  I’d also like to thank them for the kind words they expressed about my staff and myself.  So allow me to thank, Maximillion Kleene, Harper Messmer, Strum Diesel, PM Bookmite, Edward Kyomoon and Buckley Moonwall for taking the time to express those kind words about us.  All of us at Kasbah greatly appreciate it and look forward to creating more memories when you all come back to play again.

One last thank you goes to Kasbah’s staff.  Running Kasbah is a team effort, we currently have over 25 hours of live music a week.  It’s a full time job and if we are doing our job well, the work we do goes unnoticed so that you can enjoy the shows and enjoy the music.  Kasbah has the best staff out there, so I’d like to thank, Tellstar Clarity (manager), Sheila Soulstar (hostess), Joonie Jatho (hostess, music scout), Alexandria Glabrous (hostess), and of course Tessa1 Beck for putting the blog together and contributing to it.  They are the ones who  make it possible to keep Kasbah rocking.

So that’s it for now, I hope you check our calendar for upcoming shows and choose to follow our blog.  We love to see who is reading it and feel free to leave a comment.  Kasbah wants and needs your input if we are going to be the place where you come to enjoy live music in second life. Until next time, see you at Kasbah.

And thanks to you as well,
Loegan Magic
Kasbah owner

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grand Re-Opening

Tonight is the grand reopening of The Kasbah, so, I thought I would have a chat with the opening night acts. I wanted their thoughts on Kasbah, what they liked about the old Kasbah, what they hope for the new one. Let me first say that ALL the musicians  were so friendly and willing to take a few moments out of their busy schedules to talk with me. Thanks guys, you rock! I spoke with Strum Diesel first, an awesome musician who gives his all to every performance! I caught him after one of his sets, probably still out of breath and needing a cool drink! He told me his fondest memory was Christmas last year, saying, "that was Christmas for me last year in a  way". He continued with, "New Kasbah is exciting in that it's a part of Studio Genre which is also home to my store/venue Lucky and a good number of fantastic SL/RL visual artists as well." He also told me that he liked that they book quality acts and he is very happy to be a part of that roster!  He gave me a wink and a smile as he waved goodbye. Thanks Strum! I next spoke with Maximillion Kleene, one of the most popular and most loved musicians in SL.  Max has played Kasbah countless times and I knew he would have something cool to say, and he didn't disappoint! Recalling the old Kasbah Max said, " I liked that there was always a good line-up of live music for hours of listening on Saturday nites" he went on to say, "it's always a fun vibe, with hours and hours of music" I asked Max what he liked best about playing Kasbah, "what I liked best about playing there was of course the listening audience.  Always a good audience and the owners/hosts :-D, they're the best :-D" Thank you Max! Just as I was finishing up with Max I got an IM from Buckley Moonwall, an incredibly talented singer songwriter also in the Kasbah lineup. He was more than willing to give me his thoughts on Kasbah.  " i've always appreciated how hard Loegan works to put something really creative together......he's such a patron of the arts - visual, musical - i know SL is so full of innovators, but i was surprised to see geniveve up there painting while i did my set, . . . i really dug that, it shows a real respect for creativity - definitely a crowd that i feel honored to be a part of." Buckley mentioned again and again how wonderful the crowds are at Kasbah, how great the energy is there too! When asked his final thoughts Buckley said, "yeah, these are the things that i really appreciate about it - loegan really respects the arts - and i know it takes a lot of work and money to keep a venue going - with Kasbah - you can really feel the passion for what he's doing over there"  I can tell Buckley really enjoys playing Kasbah, probably as much as we all like listening to him there! Thanks Buckley!! The next fabulous musician in the opening lineup is Harper Messmer. I managed to catch him between sets as well for a brief chat. He has great memories of the old Kasbah, he told me of one in particular where there was a griefer during his set, then Raspbury Rearwin took the stage. There were objects flying all over the place but everyone endured the harassment. He said, "i remember we were there for hours as rasp played non-stop.... a tribute to his love for music......and then after all of that, there was a fireworks display,
one cool night."  I asked him what he liked best about playing at The Kasbah and if he had a wish for the future, Harper was quick to answer, " it's so easy to work with loegan and the place is always upbeat so it's a tie", and his wish for the future..... "continued success and i hope it doesn't lose it's flavor" Thanks Harper for the memory and the kind words! Towards the end of my SL evening I was able to touch base with the last performer in the lineup, Edward Kyomoon. He was between sets, you know, those shows where he rocks everyone out with fun lyrics to well known songs as well as awesome covers, anyway, he was kind enough to give me a few minutes to chat about Kasbah. When asked what he liked best Edward said, "well we always have large crowds there... i like how they support artist as well as musicians.... i like outdoor venues, with minimal clutter... kasbah is one of those:) I asked him if he had any final thoughts before we said goodbye and he did! " in a world where anyone can be a venue owner its the successful places stand above because of their persistance and commitment to SL music.  loegan knows what he's doing and does a good job  at it" Thank you Edward! My last musician was PM Bookmite, a super musician, who took time out of his RL schedule to send me a few well chosen words... "Kasbah, cool atmosphere, great musicians, great hosts, great owner, for what more could a musician ask?" It was clear to me after speaking with these wonderful artists that Kasbah holds a special place in their SL as does Loegan Magic, Kasbah's  owner. I am really looking forward to the shows tonight and the future success of the new and improved KASBAH!!! That's all for now...Tessa1 beck