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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tessa Chats With Buckley Moonwall

Hi Kasbah People! I just had the best chat with Buckley Moonwall, aka Gordon Vincent. We sat down on Skype to talk about SL, music and all things Buckley. So many times a musician is interviewed and asked the same questions over and over. I wanted to try and avoid that for the most part, but there were a few things I felt could be touched on briefly. One of those things was Buckley's first impression of SL in general. His friend Pete, also known as Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler, had been on SL for about a month and told him about it...his first reaction....he dismissed it as just another one of those "things". But after watching a show he thought it was a bit weird, but also cool. He decided to give it a try, the start was rough, issues with sound etc. but he found everyone to be so supportive and helpful, and he learned a lot about the technical side of performing.
  I asked about some of the differences he noticed between SL and RL performances. "In SL it is more intense, the sound is more vivid, more controlled," he said, "I play with headphones on so I hear everything and the fans hear everything I do as well" He also mentioned the amazing interaction he enjoys with the crowd. "I love to read local chat when I can, my fans are funny and sometimes crazy, makes for a better show all around" We talked about some of the more amusing interactions he has had during sets, one in particular came to mind..."One of the people in the audience made comment about the tip jar I use...a monkey in a wagon, there is always someone making funny comments, stroke the monkey, hit the the monkey.... but this one fan in particular was saying it gave a whole new meaning to massaging the monkey...and I wanted to know...what was the old meaning???......turns out she worked in a zoo!" He told me he loved getting to know his fans, that the idea that people from all over the world can come to SL and hear his music was mind blowing to him.
   The SL music scene is my home and I wanted to know how Buckley felt about it. True to form he was enthusiastic about his feelings. "It's such a strong scene, I think of it kind of like the new frontier...everyone trying new things, breaking new ground, some of it works, some of it doesn't...but we keep pushing...exploring." He said SL music gave him what he needed, interaction with people, a place to share his music and learn. It was clear Buckley was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform in SL and to reach so many with his music.
    I asked Buckley about his RL career, how it was going, what was new...and he told me he is hoping to begin touring the NE soon, sharing his music and that his 3rd CD, Confessions of a Hummingbird Farmer, should be out in July. Where can we get it I asked...."I will probably sell it in world, but it can also be purchased at ITunes, CDbaby and of course my website" We talked a bit about his goals for his SL career and he made me smile, saying he just wants to keep playing, growing and reaching more people. ""I feel I am a better performer because of SL, and I look forward to more feedback to help me to continue to grow."
    Sadly our time was drawing to an end, so I asked my standard fan question...What would you like to say to the fans on SL? I don't think I have gotten quite such a lovely answer before..."My life is as a singer/songwriter, to have such regular fans, or to be playing so often,
connecting so directly, - this is all new, and really appreciated. I feel like I've been on the road
for the past year and a half.  I want to share myself with them through my music and thank them all for coming to my shows and to let them know that nothing I do would mean anything without them, it's not all about me, the shows are what they are because of those wonderful people" I leave you with that, until next time...Tessa1 Beck.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jupitars Jargon

Jupitars Jargon

June 23

    The Kasbah had a great night of music this Wednesday. Sojurn Rosini took the stage at 7pm and the crowd started to pour in. Sojurn put on a great performance and played cover songs ranging from artists such as Eric Clapton, MatchBox 20, 3 Doors Down and many others. He also performed an incredible original song called "Solace" that he is thinking about bringing to iTunes. During the performance at Kasbah Sojurn was simultaneously broadcasting live in UStream and taking requests from both crowds. The show was full of energy, soul and the hour flew by so fast; before the crowd knew it, Sojurn was performing his traditional show finishing tune "Imagine."
    Performing at 8pm was the great Harrison Digfoot, starting off with Low by Cracker and then a fantastic rendition of Mazzy Star's Fade Into You. More people joined the crowd and danced to the almost haunting sounds of Harrison's harmonica and acoustic guitar. Despite a few technical difficulties that sometimes happen when performing live in the complicated world of Second Life Harrison put on a fantastic performance.
    The fantastically talented Strum Diesel started wowing the audience at 9pm. An abundance of new Second Life faces came to join the Kasbah audience and Strum did not disappoint. His smooth and passionate voice embraced the entire Kasbah venue performing original songs off his album, which can be purchased in SL, and fun covers by entertainers like the Cult, Annie Lenix and George Michael. In the middle of the set Strum read a touching poem that he had written the day before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans while he was there.
    Ending out the four hours of live music was the electrifying Edward Kyomoon bringing with him his dedicated fans. Edward started off the set with his acoustic guitar and a stripped down performance. His rendition of Bob Dylan's knocking on heaven's door had the crowd praising him the entire song. Later in the set he transitioned back to his more familiar electric sound switching to his electric Guitar, exciting backing tracts, and dynamic harmonies. Edward performed original music as well as covers by Artists such as Beck and Blue October. At the end of the performance there were over 50 people rocking the Kasbah!
    Sheila Soulstar was the Kasbah's hostess for the evening and she did a remarkable job welcoming every person that entered the venue and chatted with the audience throughout the show. The Kasbah's audience was remarkable throughout the four hours of live music; donating to the performers and to the venue and also just making the Kasbah the awesome venue that it is. It's the people who visit Kasbah that give it its soul and thanks to the remarkable people that come to be entertained they make it an incredible place to hang out, perform and work at!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kasbah News!

Hey Everyone! Just a quick heads up, our very own Loegan Magic, owner of Kasbah and Speakeasy is currently appearing in Scruplz Magazine! Here is the link, best to check it out online!
let's give Loegan and Kasbah our support! Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interview Take 2

    This evening I was given the opportunity to do something I love, have a conversation with an SL musician. I sat down with Harrison Digfoot after his set to have a chat. Harrison broadcasts live from his home in GA. He has only been on the SL music scene a few months and I wondered how he found himself here in SL. He told me that way back in 2008 he was watching MTV with his niece. There was a show about a girl who performed on SL and it intrigued him. He wrote down Second Life on a piece of paper and a week later came online to check it out. He managed to find an open mic and tried it out. "That was not a great experience lol" he said as he described the difficulties he faced with  poor graphics and slow connection. He did, however, catch a tribute band of Pink Floyd. I could tell he really thought that was cool, he even shared the story with his online friends! Due to the afore mentioned computer issues, he decided to shelve SL and went back to CamFrog, an online chat room where he and other musicians  perform for their online friends. In December of 2009 Harrison again signed onto SL, this time to show his nephew how much better things looked with a better connection and graphics card.
        Harrison describes his style as his own brand of Americana, influenced by  bluegrass, country and even the likes of Bob Marley.  He began playing his music on the streets of SL, performing for whoever would listen. His experiences were kind of crazy, receiving all sorts of reactions from the residents. One day he decided to just fly, he flew and flew and flew! He made up his mind that the first people he saw he was going to talk to. After quite awhile, he saw 3 dots on his map. He stopped to talk to them, it was Hennesey Sauteraeu, Arimo Teixeira and Cellandra Zon.  They were at a club, they were really nice to him and he told them he played. They let him play a song for them. Thats how Hennesey became his first manager. "To me it was kind of magical," Harrison said, also mentioning he is still good friends with Cellandra.  While Harrison was performing here, he was also making new friends. One of his favorite things to do in SL is just sit back and chill at his usual spot (sorry ladies not giving that info up lol), chatting with his friends and making new ones.
          We talked about some of his songs, Harrison writes a lot of his own songs and I was anxious to find out about his writing style and maybe even some of his inspirations. One of my favorite songs is Lil Girl in California, Harrison told me that song was written for a real life girl and that the song basically wrote itself. He also just recently wrote a song for a greifer girl in Second Life, Lianna. "Songs like that are fun" he said. He hopes to make an SL video based on that song, maybe even have the girl appear in it. "That song wrote itself in no time, while I was talking to this girl, and I started singing it to her, she was like....why did you write that lol" Harrison commented that songs that come quick like that are usually his best and he plans to sit down soon to write some more. I suggested one with "Tessa" in it, fingers crossed lol.
          It is clear that Harrison is thrilled to be performing here in SL, so I asked him about his long term goals. In his usual sweet manner he said, " I just want to play my music to as many people as I can, SL is a great platform for all kinds of things, especially music." He credits SL with making him a better musician, pushing him to reach his potential everyday. "In Second Life I can play to people all over the world! I can talk to them about my music, their music, anything really." He is so enthusiastic about SL, he has been actively recruiting other online friends to come here and try their hand in the music scene too!
         Sadly our time was coming to an end, so I asked Harrison about his thoughts on his upcoming weekly gig at Kasbah. He was about as animated as I have ever heard him as he said "I love the Kasbah!"  He is excited to be back and looks forward to working with both Loegan and Tellstar again. Harrison can be seen weekly at 8pm sl time throughout the month of June. As is my habit, I asked Harri if there was anything he wanted to share with his fans before we said goodbye. He was Pure Harrison as he said "get to as many shows as you can, get out there and enjoy, hang out, music is AWESOME!" What else is there to say, thank you Harrison, until next time, Tessa1 Beck.