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Friday, December 24, 2010


By Tessa1 Beck
Photos by Cavelle Somerset 

The night started with Karter Stonecutter. He was dressed appropriately in an awesome santa suit ready to deck the halls with sounds of music! His rendition of The Little Drummer Boy was sweet! He even broke out a little of Elvis's Blue Christmas...the atmoshphere in the club...festive to say the least! Each musician was given 30 minutes to sing as many Christmas songs as they could. Karter made the time fly by and before we knew it he was leaving the stage to make room for Taunter Goodnight!

The crowd was ready for some fun and Taunter delivered with her usual flair! She set the tone for her 30 minute set with songs full of mirth and the audience was delighted! Taunters voice was perfect for her version of I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and everyone was dancing in SL and I can just bet a good portion of the audience was chair dancing in RL too! It was an awesome half hour. She left us feeling all happy and welcomed AMFORTE Clarity to the stage!

AMFORTE was a big hit with the excited crowd! She regaled us with Christmas songs with her haunting twist. It was great to hear her sing Santa baby! She was chatting between songs about shopping and kids and everyone was sharing their stories about the holiday mall crawls! The set ended on a high note..Jingle Bells!!! We all clapped heartily as AM left and Porter Paquot climbed up on the stage in her lovely gown to entertain us.

Porter started her set off hot with her smoky voice, singing Merry Christmas Baby. Everyone mellowed out and held their loved ones tight as she crooned. She moved into some fun tunes as she cheerfully threatened everyone..Take a copy of the gift I made! Take it! We were all laughing along with her as she sang her own 12 Days of Christmas. It was just too funny! She finished off the set telling jokes and generally entertaining us as only Porter can. I was sad to see her go, but then...Buckley was up next!

That's Buckley Moonwall for those of you that don't know...and he was amazing tonight! The audience began to fill with some of the best musicians SL has to after another arrived for the festivities! The venue was rockin and the crowd was enjoying Buckleys low key personality and beautiful voice. Everyone was a comedian tonight...Buckley was singing songs he said he was "passing off" as Christmas songs...and we all pretended they were totally Christmasy! He sang some the most obscure and awesome holiday songs and we all had a blast! Buckley wished us all happy holidays and exited the stage as Max Kleene took his place.

Max crashed right off the bat but he continued on as the wonderful performer he is...singing a gorgeous version of Little Drummer Boy. Max and a few others knew a secret and we were so was torture waiting for the big moment when the secret would be revealed. When all was ready, Max began his song and Loegan asked the big question..."Porter, will you be my partner? The crowd erupted with shouts and well wishes for the happy was truly a special moment and we were all lucky to be a part of it! Max ended his set with congratulations to the happy couple and moved aside for kasbah fave Strum Diesel.

The general good feelings we all shared were kept in tact as Strum sang his heart out. He was giving us covers and orginals that really blew us away. I personally love Strums originals, they hit home for me and I am sure many others. The venue was chock full of friends all enjoying this incredible night full of fun, music and love. Strum ended his set with a beautiful, sweet Christmas song that brought tears to some...what a lovely performance. His heartfelt way of sharing his gift of music was the perfect seguay for the final performer of the night LizAday Solo.

The night was winding down...Liz gave us a fantastic performance....she was joined by Golden Xenno...and the banter was fun and entertaining! I think everyone was laughing when they sang the silliest was a great time! 10 PM came around way too soon...and Liz was on a roll...anxious to keep the night going. It was a perfect party...The best music possible...the sweetest moment shared between 2 very happy friends and a celebration of a wonderful holiday season. We at Kasbah would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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